2020 Graduate on scholarship at Umpqua Community College

It's been a year Kaevon and I'm still waiting on your response.   Coach Cobb

Taylor Howell

2020 Graduate on scholarship at Campbellsville University

For me, wrestling is an outlet.  When I walk into practice, daily stress and all of life's problems seem to go away.  There is no better feeling than being exhausted after the physical and mental challenges of practice or a match and knowing that you laid everything out there.  Wrestling forces you to take responsibility for your own efforts because no one can compete in your place.  It's only you.  The daily grind is all worth it once you get your hand raised or you improve something that caused you to lose in the last match.  Every aspect of this sport makes me happy to be a part of it.



Wrestling is such an amazing sport that provides me an opportunity to learn things that will help me throughout my lifetime.  It helps me to have mental toughness and a strong confident body.  It helps me to learn to set and work to achieve goals.  It is a great sport that I am grateful to be in, and I am very fortunate to be able to have amazing coaches.

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